Sunday, November 26, 2006

Richard Dawkins and the War against God

So, it's about time to blog about "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. You can find the book on">Amazon.Com.

The book is a fairly standard, if well written, atheist critique of religion. Some things are irritating, though. Dawkins's grasp of American History and Legal system is sketchy. He is emberassing when he talks about the American Founding Fathers or about the Seperation of Church and State.

But what bugs me is not really Dawkins book, but the theist attacks on it. they are so ,predictable. It's always the same. Start with talking about how Dawkins doesn't know what he was talking about. Then go to attack his weaks points on morality (always fun). Use lots of name callings, and never, ever, make a positive case for religion.

Now, this is not really surprising (the positive case for religion being non-existent), but what does surprise me is the lack of candor. I'm sort of suspecting religious people KNOW that their case is weak; that's what make their protestation all the more deperate.



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