Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Dragons Not Dancing

Ah, the web, the web. It really has anything.

Following my recent post I just discovered that there's a blog dedicated to attacking George R. R. Martin for his numerous delays in Publishing A Dance with Dragon. It is amusingly titled Finish the book, George, and it is very funny, although also very unfair and even cruel towards Martin at times. In a way, I guess Martin should accept this as the ultimate compliment - his writing has been powerful enough to elicit all kinds of emotions.

But say what you will about the blog, it is often right. See his criticism of Neil Gaiman's Defence of Martin. Best quote:

"frankly, for Gaiman to call his blog post "Entitlement Issues," and then talk about how he and other writers have seemingly no responsibility to anyone but themselves, is irony at its sickening finest."

Read the whole thing.


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